The specialists in non-condensing

M&G supply the parts for non-condensing boilers to Eastern and Southern Europe and beyond. These are available for both domestic use for traditional set-ups and for commercial use with higher temperatures. The parts are made of aluminium because non-condensing domestic boilers have a flue gas temperature of over 100 degrees Celcius. Industrial appliances often run at temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius or even more.

M&G offer the ultimate solution for non-condensing systems. Twinline aluminium and Twinline INOX are available for the single flue gas system. The Coaxline aluminium and Coaxline INOX are available for the concentric systems, which are becoming increasingly popular. In the concentric system, the flue gas pipes are situated on the inside surrounded with air ventilation. This means that if any flue gas should escape, it will return to the boiler, where the air-consistancy is measured. If the air exceeds a certain value, the boiler will adjust or shut itself down. Therefore the concentric system is renowned for being the safest on the market. Plus it has a double seal for security.

The benefits of these systems are that they are easy and straightforward to install, simple to shorten, effortless to remove and clean. Plus they have telescopic elements, great aesthetics and can be separated for recycling. The non-condensing system is available in 60 and 80. Steel is available in 60, 80, 100. Concentric is 80-120 and 100–150.

The innovative products designed, manufactured and supplied by M&G are recognised globally. Their in-house state-of-the-art laboratory ensures that every product is tested to not only receive the relevant certification for any country world-wide, but even exceeds the standard required for certification. M&G wants the life expectancy of their top-end products to go beyond the norm. Whereas the standard requires them to last a minimum of 15 years, M&G design their products to have long-lasting durability for up to 20 years.

M&G offers the ultimate collection of products for the non-condensing boiler market. As they are safe, reliable and use the latest technology, they offer the perfect solution for the non-condensing industry.