Vision & Mission

Energy transition

M&G is preparing for the future. The energy transition as laid down in the Energy Agreement, is a development that has consequences for our company’s product range. We are already working hard on this in our choices within R&D and in the collaboration with our partners. The road to a fully sustainable energy supply, for example, could be through hybrid systems that function within the current infrastructure of heat and energy supply. Furthermore, solutions such as heat pumps will play an important role. We see M&G Group playing a major role in these various solutions in the coming decades.


Sustainable construction

Residential construction is increasingly focused on sustainable and energy-efficient construction. These well insulated houses cannot do without a ventilation system. We therefore expect the demand for ventilation systems to continue to grow.


Sustainability is one of our core values. Care and protection for the environment are integral to our daily activities and reduced energy consumption central to product design and production processes. We are focused on the long-term future of our planet and M&G Group. In addition to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the sustainable employability of employees plays an important role in our sustainability policy. The health of employees is paramount and is leading in the projects, M&G Group is starting to increase employability.

M&G Group, Burgerhout and all other members of the M&G Group are participants in many sustainability and CSR initiatives. A small selection:

The international ISO 14001 standard determines the requirements that an environmental management system must meet. Because the M&G Group and its branches comply with this, we show that we want to continuously improve our environmental performance by making more efficient use of raw materials and reducing waste. Wherever waste is generated, we will always dispose of it and recycle it in a responsible manner.

ICDuBo (Innovation Center for Sustainable Building) inspires, informs, advises and connects all parties involved in the sustainable (re) development and management of real estate. Supply and demand are actively brought together, during congresses, events and theme meetings. ICDuBo has a spacious showroom of 2500 m2, which offers a complete overview of the latest solutions, including those of Burgerhout / M&G Group, in the field of sustainable building and sustainable living. This unique design makes ICDuBo the largest sustainability centre in Europe.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certificate is for organizations that are actively involved in the making of sustainability and if possible, creating circular activities. It is not just about ‘wanting’ but also about ‘doing’ – by specifically working on projects that match the nature and size of the company.

The Koploper project for future-proof entrepreneurship is focused on sustainable and strengthening of the regional economy, by providing progressive SME organizations with the knowledge, tools and network to better respond to the development towards a climate-neutral, circular and inclusive economy. Thus “future-proof business”.

In 2018 M&G Group participated in a Koploper project in Assen, thereby ensuring that sustainable business became a structural improvement process within the organization. This reflects itself in, among other things, adjustments in the production halls (such as the use of LED lighting) and production methods (including waste separation) to an investment in a completely new factory, where sustainability plays an important role right from the start.

During the “Lean and Sustainable Production” project, which was started from Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen in collaboration with the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen, various research projects were carried out. In the subsequent phase, 15 production companies, including our location in Assen, were supported with lean and sustainability projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept that has been put into practice by the M&G Group for many years. M&G Group locations in Groningen and Assen have been working together with Meesterwerk Werkprojecten for many years. Together we have a working partnership in which the government of Groningen, Werkplein Drentse Aa (Assen) and UWV also participate.

Meesterwerk and Burgerhout have been working together for years on the Werk op Werk project in close collaboration with Werkplein Baanzicht Assen and the UWV. Various participation jobs are made available within this project. Meesterwerk has set up its own training facility with its partners where candidates can gain their first work experience. Armed with the correct skills and workplace confidence, people can then move on to Burgerhout’s own location.

A clear division of roles has been agreed upon within the partnership: the government and the Werkplein are responsible for the recruitment of potential candidates, M&G Group and Burgerhout make the learning workplaces available and Meesterwerk Werkprojecten is responsible for coordination and supervision.