Research & Innovation

Innovative partner

To remain the market leader in Europe, innovative ability is crucial. To achieve this, we use an innovative roadmap in three steps: optimization (short-term), development (medium-term) and creation (long-term).


Own know-how and R&D

The accumulated know-how and R&D facilities are extremely important to M&G. Our R&D department in Groningen consists of more than twenty highly-educated engineers. Furthermore, we have our own test facilities and specialised engineers working at our various production sites. Together these teams ensure the innovative ability of our company. The M&G laboratories meet the highest European and American standards. Our test reports are accepted by almost every approval body.


Test facilities

Our test facilities are ultra-modern. With the aid of various test methods, a ‘tailor-made’ flue gas system can be designed for each boiler. The recirculation of combustion gases into the air supply is determined in an accurately calibrated wind tunnel. Pressure differences under different wind angles and wind forces can also be measured accurately. With the aid of a sprinkler system, it is determined whether outlets remain free of rainwater at different directions of the wind. And in a special freezing chamber where temperatures reach below -20°C, outlets are developed which also remain free of ice formation in practice. In addition, M&G has a controlled and accredited measuring chamber, in which our products can be tested on material properties and dimensions.