Those who need a good air distribution system use the HB+ for maximum ventilation comfort. It is a revolutionary air distribution system that solves all ventilation problems. HB+ is simple to design and install, and results in continuous high ventilation comfort without any problems.

HB+ is applicable everywhere in every project:

  • In combination with individual, collective and balanced ventilation systems
  • In renovation and new constructions
  • For housing and public utilities
  • For many types of building construction, including sheet flooring, poured concrete, hollow-
  • core slab, warm and cold roof voids
  • SAP appendix Q approved

HB+ is a clever plug and play system whose results are known beforehand.


1               Maximum freedom of design and flexibility

  • Modular system
  • Unbelievably flexible


2               Maximum comfort from all types of ventilation systems

  • Comfort assured
  • No draughts
  • No acoustic transference
  • Exceptionally quiet


3               Energy efficient and durable

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Durable quality


4               Time-saving assembly

  • Quick and easy assembly — no tools, no adhesives
  • No modifications needed
  • No post-assembly adjustment of air valves necessary


5               Minimum maintenance costs

  • Very little maintenance required
  • Easy to clean
  • Limited number of components

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