Flexibel, Modulair and plug & play

Unique Features Hybalans+

  • Maximum design freedom and flexibility for both system C and system D. With the clear number of parts, the most diverse air distribution systems can be designed. Changes in the design can be implemented quickly with building changes, while maintaining quality.
  • Top comfort: The simplicity of the system guarantees a perfectly adjusted air distribution and a healthy indoor climate. Due to the special blow-in valves you will not suffer from drafts.
  • Energy efficient: Revolutionary low air resistance, so minimal fan power is required.
  • Time savings: No tools are required thanks to the unique click connection. All channels are clearly marked for air supply and air discharge, which makes the system suitable for system D.
  • Minimal maintenance costs: due to the sophisticated design, the system prevents pressure loss or contamination. The system is also easy to clean. Disruption of the air flow that is set is not possible, so there won’t be unexpected extra costs for resetting the system.

The hybalans+ assortment

Below is a selection from the assortment. For the entire assortment, view the brochure.

Valve Connection elbow 90 degrees

Distribution Box

Flexible ducting

Connection elbow 90 degrees

Connection piece oval to round