Flexline Flexible System

The best solution for flue systems in stacked housing-construction is Flexline. The Flexline-family is a complete system that will improve every renovation project. Take for example the Multi-Flexline-system. It’s unparalleled simplicity is the perfect solution for numerous renovation projects where substantial elevations need to be bridged by means of a narrow shaft.

There are three systems:

  • Flexline individual flue system
  • Multi-Flexline shared flue system
  • Concentric Flexline individual flue system

Five unique advantages

  • Double-walled, double security
    In all Flexline-systems the flexible synthetic pipes are double-walled: this serves as an extra guarantee to ensure they are gas-proof. Flexline-systems are often used as chimney lining in renovation projects. Even if the outer ribs are damaged by a rough shaft, the system remains sealed.
  • Smooth inner layer
    The double wall has another advantage. The smooth inner layer ensures an unimpaired flow of the flue gases. The flow resistance is minimal.
  • No influence of condensation, extra long life span
    The Flexline-material is exceptionally resistant to aggressive condensation. The smooth inner layer ensures an extra long life span: there are no ridges, in which condensation can gather.
  • Smart ‘click’-system, fast and perfect installation
    A flex-pipe can be placed quickly: it is light-weight, very flexible and can handle an enormous tensile force. With the unique connective pieces, connections can be made super-fast. They can be placed without using tools because of a unique ‘click’-system. Every connection is perfectly sealed and is completely tension proof owing to the built-in pull relief.

From ø 60 mm to ø 130 mm
In the broad range of Flexline-systems you will find the ideal solution for every renovation project.

Note: First consult boiler manufacturer specifications for the correct diameters and lengths.