EPS Insulated channels


Burgerhout is expanding the package of insulated ducts with a green produced, economically more favorable EPS variant, supplemented with a new series of airtight roofcover plates.

Just like the current EPP portfolio, the new, insulated EPS duct system has a high insulation value, is easy to process and ideally suited for connecting ventilation systems in modern constructions. The new duct system fits perfectly with the current range of wall and roof terminal and is is down- and forwards compatible with the EPP system.

The new, high-quality airtight roofcover plates fit perfectly with the Burgerhout ventilation systems and are available for every diameter and angle of inclination.



The completely newly developed system is equipped with new connection pieces and, in addition to 90 ° elbows, also has specific 45 ° elbows. The new PP connectors are narrower so that the system can be mounted tightly against the wall or ceiling. This offers a perfect solution for tight installations where there is little space for insulated ducting.



For the new EPS system, Burgerhout uses an EPS variant that is enriched with graphite. In addition to its recognizable grey color, this also gives the material a number of important technical properties. For example, the system has an extra high insulation value (λ = 0.032 W / mK).

Compared to EPP, EPS is a lighter material with a higher leak tightness and fire class. The material is easy to process and has a high shock-absorbing capacity.



In addition to the energy-saving character of the new channel system, sustainability is central. The new system consists of 98% air and 2% PS raw material. In addition, the parts are manufactured from 100% green electricity. The system is 100% recyclable.

EPS insulated channels

The unique EPS insulated duct system is perfect for connecting the heat pump, HRV installation or the mechanical ventilation system. The smart construction combined with the high insulation value prevents condensation in and around the duct system and energy loss from the ventilation air.


  •  A high insulation value combined with good workability, unique in its class.
  • Suitable for the ventilation of homes or small utilities.
  • Suitable for use in smaller spaces, ideally for modern construction.
  • The new connecting pieces guarantee an airtight connection between the parts


  • High insulation value: λ = 0.032 W / mK
  • High fire resistance: class E
  • Airtightness: class D (EN 13180)
  • Improved construction for compact installations
  • Lightweight and easy to shorten
  • No thermal bridge possible due to smart construction
  • Specific 45 ° elbow for minimal resistance



The new range of airtight roof covering plates, suitable for airtight finishing of wall and roof lead-throughs, fits perfectly with Burgerhout’s current Hybalans + portfolio. A solution is available for almost every diameter and angle of inclination.

Modern airtight construction requires strict EPC standards and the use of airtight solutions is necessary to avoid high energy bills. The new range of airtight roof covering plates perfectly matches the new insulated duct system and makes it possible to meet the strictest requirements for the airtight construction of passive houses.


  • Airtight and beautiful shelter solution
  • The flexible seal creates an airtight connection between the lead-through and the roof boarding
  • No moisture or air leakage through the roof boarding
  • No thermal bridge or condensation leakage around the lead-through
  • Due to the smart construction there are solutions for the most common inclination angles 0-60 °
  • A wide range suitable for the entire Burgerhout ventilation program.

The flexible membrane meets the strictest airtightness class for energy-efficient and airtight construction. The robust steel base plate ensures a good and reliable connection to the roof boarding. The clever recesses make it possible to mount the mounting bracket for the roof ducts directly on the plate.


  • Durable elastic membrane
  • Robust metal roof boarding plate
  • Proven leak-tightness (DIN12114 up to 1000 Pa)
  • High insulation value: λ = 0.034 W / mK
  • Suitable for the most common roof slopes 0-60 °
  • Suitable for pipe diameters from 94 to 302 mm
  • Roofing board color: White RAL 9016